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An abundant supply...

The Irish Limestone Company receives its exclusive supply of Irish Blue Limestone from quarries at Old Leighlin and Holdensrath in Ireland. The quarry processes approximately 50,000 cubic metres annually from a 2 million cubic metre reserve into limestone slab and its full suite of finished stone products.

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An excellent product...

Diamond-cutting technology guarantees precision-cut stone and minimal wastage. Expert sawing stonemasons arrive to cut,
shape and finish the stone to customer specifications, engaging a variety of mechanical and manual techniques to achieve individual effects.The finished stone products are finally ready for packaging and shipment to our customers worldwide.

The Irish Limestone Company's committment to quality

We consider ourselves privileged to work with a premium raw material and believe in honouring its pedigree through first-class processes and techniques to deliver a premium product range. We subject all of our processes to rigourous and regular quality control checks, from inspection of raw materials, through monitoring of the entire manufacturing process to final quality approval
and guarantee of our end products.




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